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About NordicScreen

The team behind NordicScreen

We like to say it out loud: we love making intelligent screen solutions that add value to what you do. We have more than 10 years of experience with complex software / hardware solutions and we love to make customers happy. When you start a project, big or small, we do everything we can to understand what it takes to get You the best solution available – it lies in our DNA.

Often it starts out as a smaller task with a few screens on often it ends up being a complete solution that provides communication and effectiveness throughout the entire company.

NordicScreen are located in Aarhus and Copenhagen and have delivered solutions to all of Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Greenland.

Please feel free to contact us so we can help you with an intelligent screen solution

Peter Adamsen - NordicScreen

Peter Adamsen

Business Manager
E-mail peter@nordicscreen.dk
Tlf.: +45 20 18 68 30
Rune Breinholt Andersen - NordicScreen

Rune Breinholt

Marketing Manager
E-mail rune@nordicscreen.dk
Thomas Williams - NordicScreen

Steffen Christensen

Sales Director
Email steffen@nordicscreen.dk
Tel.: +45 31 13 29 90
Allan Strand - NordicScreen

Kristian Kuhrt

Junior Developer


Dan Lund

Dan Lund

Allan Strand - NordicScreen

Allan Strand

Thomas Williams - NordicScreen

Thomas Williams

Senior Developer
Brian Madsen - NordicScreen

Brian Madsen

Ronnie Bach - NordicScreen

Ronnie Bach

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