Are you the next member of the NordicScreen Finest Team?

Join us on our joint journey
NordicScreen is a good combination of development, design, support, sales and marketing that will all achieve the same goal.

NordicScreen Finest

“Finest” is a term for the most important and valuable for NordicScreen. We have “Finest Customer”, “Finest Reseller” and of course also Finest Team.
If you want to be part of the Finest Team, read on.

One team - same goal

The NordicScreen Finest Team is all working towards the same goal.

We love growth

Growth is the alpha and omega for us. We expect you to grow your skills with us.

The best argument wins

No one knows everything. The best argument wins, this is how we reach our common goal.


We believe in good products created by happy employees. That’s why we go to Workation every year. Here we enjoy each other’s company, enjoy good food, and together we set the framework for next year.

Friday bar

Friday bar

A little competition, drinks, games or just a good chat has never hurt. That is why we regularly hold Friday bars, where NordicScreen Finestteam meets.
Friday bar is both fun remote and onsite. That is why we make both online and offline Friday bar.

Work from home

In NordicScreen we are not afraid of remote work. Whether you work in the office or from home is not important to us. Both options have their advantages. We believe that a varied work environment creates the best results.

Work from home

Open job positions

We are always looking for talent who will be part of the team. If you love working passionately and responsibly with tasks, do not hold back. Send us an email to and tell us about yourself. 


Our happy customers

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