Integrations to your data

Our software can integrate with many different systems, enabling you to save time and money. You can e.g. Integrate with your calendar so you can view meetings, birthdays or other current events.

We have integrations with

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Google Calendar
  • Sport Solution
  • KMD Booking
  • e-conomic

Below is a complete list of the integrations we have today. We are constantly working on integrating with the most widely used systems.

Exchange + Office 365 integration

Exchange + Office 365

2-Way integration
Globus Data halbooking integration

Globus data

Halbooking 1-Way integration
Conventus integration


1-Way integration
Winkas integration


1-Way integration


1-Way integration
Google Calendar integration

Google Calendar

1-Way integration
Sport Solution integration

Sport Solution

1-Way integration
KMD integration

KMD Booking

1-Way integration
DBU Kluboffice integration

DBU Kluboffice

1-Way integration
e-conomic intregration


1-Way integration
Microsoft Excel integration


Manuel import XLS & CSV 1-Way integration
Google G-Suite integration

Google G-Suite

2-Way integration
FTP integration


1-Way integration
Picasso integration

Picasso Techotel

1-Way integration
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