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Intelligent meeting room displays

With a Q-Cal meeting room display, you get a smart and intelligent meeting room display that can integrate with known calendar systems. You are always up-to-date whether you are at your computer or in front of the meeting room touch screen.

With a meeting room display you can quickly create an overview of which rooms are booked and which are available. You also have the option of ad-hoc booking directly on the screen if the meeting goes off or you just need it for 15 min. With calendar integration, the meeting is also booked directly into your internal calendar system.

We have integrations for the following systems:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Google G-Suite
  • Lotus
  • Google Calendar
  • Sports Solution
  • KMD Booking
  • e-conomic
  • Globus Data
  • Conventus
  • Winkas
  • Webbook
  • DBU Kluboffice
  • Excel
  • Picasso Techotel

We are always looking to integrate with the most popular systems, so the list here will always be constantly updated..

The calendar integration ensures that all info on the meeting notice and on the screen at the meeting room is displayed in the way you have chosen to display it. It may be there must be company name on it may also be it must be anonymous – Everything can be made specifically for your solution.

Design Wizard

With NordicScreen’s Q-Cal Design Wizard you can easily design new views with booking data for your Digital Signage, Meeting Room Displays or Check-In screens.

Read more about our Design Wizard here 

Meeting room display booking

Book meeting directly on screen

On the screen you can see who has booked the meeting and you can put the logo or picture of the meeting participants. You can also see when the meeting ends, when the next meeting occurs, and you can even book a new meeting directly on the screen or extend the one you are in. Easily fast and intuitive. The touch screen can either be connected to the Internet via WI-FI or run PoE.

Meeting room displays for sports halls, health homes etc.

The meeting room displays can also be used as digital signs in, for example, sports halls, health homes or other places where you want to create an overview of several rooms. It can be a dressing room or fitness room where it is important to know who has the room for a certain amount of time. It can also be used for naming premises.


Meeting room displays in conference centers

Our meeting room displays are also extensively used in various conference centers, where you can easily use the meeting room displays as digital signage and thus create a good overview for the visiting guests. To create a further overview you can also use an info screen, where you can gather all activities on one screen.

See some of our clients’ meeting room displays

Do you have questions regarding our meeting room displays?

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You are also always welcome to give us a call at tel.: +45 71 92 62 22

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