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Q-Desk Check-in screens

Great service for your guests

Digital Check-In screen

Q-Desk Check-In screens allow your guests to check-in, print out a guest card, register parking and announce that they have arrived so that they can be picked up and / or guided to the right place.

Q-Desk can be set up in many ways, also to suit your needs.


Increased security

Guest cards recognize guests and you always know which guests you are visiting and where they are located. Should something unexpected happen, you know immediately who you are visiting.

Save time

In addition to giving your guests a good welcome, you can also save time automating some features with our system. Among other things. staff can be notified when guests arrive, employees meet guests and the meeting is automatically booked in the calendar.

Watch video of our check-in screens

NordicScreen Check-IN screens

Here are a number of features you can use our check-in screens for:
• Notify via SMS and email when your guest has arrived.
• You can manage multiple receptions from one place.
• You can have an integration with Apcoa etc., so that your guest can register his parking.
• You can print guest network and parking ticket code prior to the meeting via the check-in screen.
• Guests can register in less than 30 seconds.
• You avoid queues at reception at busy times.
• Integration with e.g. Thus, only employees with appointments are on the screen.
• Easy and fast administration.

Q-Desk Check-In monitors are used by all sizes of companies with few to many hundreds of employees. Experience shows that it provides value for both customers and employees, who all appreciate the extra layer of service a Check-In solution is.

Our platform is very user-friendly and everyone can operate it, and it gives the customer confidence and not least a good service to the guests.

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Do you have questions regarding our check-in screens?

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You are also always welcome to give us a call at tel.: +45 71 92 62 22

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