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Digital Signage for your office

You now have the opportunity to get an Digital Signage in your office and even design it yourself. Our screens are used in many offices around the country – and abroad.

You can show important information internally to employees and save a lot of time on communication.

With an Digital Signage in the office, you can eg. show

  • Important staff information
  • Birthdays
  • Absence
  • Advertising for products / services etc.
  • Great welcome screens for guests
  • Turnover
  • KPI
  • and much more

You can also spice up your Digital Signage with weather forecasts, news from known media, view meetings from calendars and other exciting things with our software.

Our software can also handle anything from 1 to hundreds of screens.

No binding

There is no binding on our software and you can cancel your subscription at any time if you no longer wish to use it.

Free support

As part of our software, we have free support. So if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

No blank screens

Even if your internet or wifi is down, the screens will still run. We have a built-in caching feature in our software that stores the content locally.

Become your own designer with our Q-Play Editor

Our Digital Signage are controlled by our popular editor who can handle anything from one to several hundred screens.
Our Editor is incredibly easy to use, even for the least technical.

Read more about our Q-Play Editor 

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Meeting room displays and digital signage saves Konventum both time and money

Konventum building

Konventum uses Digital Signage to give their visitors an overview of activities at their course center. The screens act as directional indicators, showing the direction of the premises by means of arrows. They are located at statically nodes, so it makes the most sense for the guests.

Konventum also utilizes screens for displaying table plans in their restaurant. In the past, their staff spent a lot of time filling out paper schedules and then hanging them up, but with their new screens they save time and money. As our system knows about the events in the house, we have made it easier for the customer.

Q-Play provides an overview of the digital table plan, which is constantly updated with the companies that are visiting. This allows the customer to quickly allocate tables for dining, thus avoiding queues at the restaurant.

Apps for your Digital Signage

We have several specially developed integrations that help improve the performance of your screens.

For example, you can. Get special content from TV2 News, which sorts violent and offensive content from, so that the news is shown regardless of the viewer’s age.
We also developed a JobNet App, so you can show job ads sorted by municipality and / or industry.

Our Booking App allows you to integrate a calendar from well-known software such as Google Calender and Microsoft Exchange. You can use it to display birthdays, special events or other activities. The advantage is that everything is updated automatically.

In addition, there are opportunities to view video either from YouTube or your own you can upload, insert images, text, countdown function and much more.

Apps for digital signage

See some of our customer’s digital signage solutions


All of our solutions are easy to set up, and with our Players, you can easily set up your TV. Depending on your needs, we have the solution for you. We believe in active screen – black screens are a no go. We have developed several precaution tools that makes sure that your content still is active even if the WIFI or LAN is down.

Q-Play LG Player

In collaboration with LG, we have developed an App for LG Professionel TV running on all LG Professionel screens with webOS 4.0 and forward. This saves you time on hardware setup with this energy-friendly software solution.

Read more about our Q-Play LG App

Apps for digital signage

Q-Play X96H Player

With a Q-Play X96H Player you get a powerful and fast player that easily connects to the HDMI port on your monitor. Q-Play X96H Player is for you who want to quickly get started displaying content on your screen. Q-Play X96H Player comes set up with Q-Play and ready for setup.

X96H Player

Q-Play Android Player

With Q-Play Android Player you can now use Android based hardware for your Digital Signage.

Q-Play Linux Player

With Q-Play Linux Player you get access to well known and hardware like raspberry pi. With Linux many options, your Digital Signage can run on a wide variety of hardware. From the simple to the advanced version.

Q-Play Windows Player

With a Q-Play Windows Player you get the opportunity to use any Windows based hardware as a player for your digital signage solution from NordicScreen.

Player Matrix


Player Matrix
 *Auto update is possible from Android version 6.1.

What does Digital Signage cost?

It is important to us that you choose the right solution that matches your needs. That is why we are always in dialogue with our customers to ensure the most optimal solution. This was also the case at the Municipality of Odder, which has made it easier for employees and citizens with our Digital Signage.

If you want to try setting up an info screen, you can create a free demo here.

As part of the prize, you get access to our Q-Play Editor, which you use to design your Digital Signage. Our Q-Play Editor is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use and can handle anything from one to several hundred screens – without any problems.

In addition to the startup fee, a fixed monthly subscription price is paid per screen. The system is thus super easy and extendable with multiple screens.



To use our Digital Signage, you need a Player. We have both Players in terms of hardware and software, if you want to read more about our Hardware Players, there is a list here:

  • Q-Play HDMI Player
  • Q-Play Linux Player
  • Q-Play Windows Player
  • Q-Play Android Player

In addition, we have also developed anLG App, which you can use for LG professional screens with WebOS 4.0 and above. With this solution you save time setting up the hardware and also this is a more energy-friendly solution.

Use our apps

There are options available in the form of extra smart features such as:

Booking App

Possibility of inserting activities, birthdays, events etc. from, for example, Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange.  Read more.

JobNet App

Here you can view job listings from JobNet’s job database. We have several different views in our App – Read more.

TV2 Vision App

With the TV2 Vision App you can play news from TV2 News without sound and with text at the bottom of the Digital Signage.

The features displayed are:

  • News
  • Sport
  • Finance
  • Forecast

Violent and offensive content does NOT appear so the news can be displayed regardless of the viewer’s age.

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