Q-Play HDMI Player

With a Q-Play HDMI Player you ensure a reliable solution via the HDMI input.
The Q-Play HDMI Player is optimized for video content up to 4K and there is a backup feature (offline cache) built-in, so even if you lose connection to the Internet the content will still be displayed – No blank screens!

A reliable player

The Q-Play HDMI Player is a well-tested Digital Signage Player, built on Android software that we know from well-known operating systems for touch screens and phones.

The Q-Play HDMI Player automatically updates to ensure the latest version of Q-Play.


Q-Play Editor status overview

Get status overview of all your players:

  • Log files
  • Network status
  • Playback status with log file
  • Get Screenshots from the screen
  • Restart the player
Q-Play HDMI Player


  • 4K video streaming
  • Offline cache of content
  • Automatic boot at hardware restart
  • Compatible with Android 5.1 and above
  • Screenshot
  • Advanced kiosk mode
  • Auto update*

* Only compatible with Android 6.1 and higher



  1. Connect to screen
  2. Connect power
  3. Connect network









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Q-Play HDMI Player opsætningsguide










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