Shop windows, how to advertise?

Store fronts are the most important part of any store. It is the customer sees you first and either gets interested, comes in, makes purchases or goes further. That is why it is so important to make it attractive. This is easily achieved by equipping your Store front with an advertising screen. The advantages are great. First of all, the content of the advertisement, thanks to its dynamics, attracts more attention from by-passers. It is possible to update the content quickly and easily, no costs related to logistics, full control and preview of the content.

Advertising screens in the store – for which stores?

Regardless of the size of the store and the offered products, modern LED screens will make the place more attractive and attract the attention of the most demanding customers. Screens that you can adjust to the surface of your premises give you the chance to create original advertising screens in the store. Each choice ensures great visibility of the advertisements presented.

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What are the menu boards in the store?

Most stores, apart from the general food assortment, also offer their customers a wide range of quick snacks and drinks. Research shows that the use of menu boards in the store increases sales by 10%. Menu boards in the store allow for easy and quick changes to available products, promotions and all information that will engage buyers to identify with your brand and create a positive image of the place in their mind. Instead of investing in posters that quickly become obsolete, it is better to focus on modern menu boards, the cost of which is low compared to the value it offers. Best advertising monitors for the store The store’s offer should be visible to every customer who sees it, gets interested, goes to the shelf, and then goes to the checkout with the product. In order to arouse interest, advertising displays for stores are best placed in modern facilities. You will present your products in an attractive way. Depending on the area of the premises, you can choose a small monitor or illuminate the entire wall. The interesting image and reliability of the monitors will not leave anyone indifferent to whether to enter the store and whether to spend money there. Fascinate the eyes of passers-by and you will gain a loyal customer.


Personalize your in-store experience with digital signs, Create content with a WOW effect to impress the customer.


Customize your marketing messages and in-store screen content in real time, ensuring that information and promotions resonate with existing customers.


Convert shopper behavior insights into measurable, actionable data such as how shoppers spend their time and money in your shop.

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