Digital signage for the office and manufacturing environment

Looking for a valuable addition to your internal communication strategy? Then choose digital signage. It really is the key to employee engagement. Recent research has shown that well-informed employees perform better and are happy to make an extra contribution to your results. Nordic Screen offers you all the tools to enhance your internal communication.

We offer unparalleled software that allows you to create your own digital signage programme. By using a couple of screens and a few quick clicks of a button you can give your employees and your company results the attention they deserve.

Reward Staff

Increase the value of praise by making it visible to the entire organization.

Make Announcements

Takeover all of your screens to make a company notice, or emergency announcement.

Drive with data

Use dashboards and metrics to keep everyone on the pulse of your company.

Get to know employees

Keep distributed teams connected with who`s just joined.


You can create an account for free and design your own Digital Signage.


Improve training

Surface your training programs and increase uptake.

Increase efficiency

Never wait in line for a meeting room again, with simple booking systems.


From any device, on the browser, you can remotely edit, update and manage all of your corporate communication digital signage screens. Nordic Screens software runs on Windows, Android and Linux.

Signcast offers a platform that helps companies with just that regardless of the size and type of business you run. By placing digital information screens on your company, your employees can quickly and directly participate in, for example, urgent news, staff activities, upcoming events, statistics, connections to your business systems and social media and more.

Use Q-Play to share your screens with staff working at home.

Good internal communication creates motivation, commitment and a will to change – important driving forces for us to do our best at work. Digital signage is perfect for engaging, sharing important information or telling something uplifting.

Q-Play is so simple and flexible that the same system can be used by a manager to publish the latest interim report, a project manager to share a customer case study and the receptionist to welcome today’s visitors.

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